Indefinite Power Load Shedding In South Africa
: 2020-01-09 08:32:19

Power Load-shedding remains in South Africa indefinitely at this stage, as Eskom said the power system remains vulnerable.

This came about as the power utility continued with Stage 2 load-shedding last night until this morning of Thursday 09 January 2020. It announced the possibility of a consecutive night, to replenish water resources for its pumped storage schemes, and minimise the use of diesel at the open cycle gas turbines.

These are the words of the power utility, Eskom.

The power system remains vulnerable. While we were able to replenish water levels at the pumped storage schemes overnight, we are currently using these emergency resources, including diesel, to meet demand today.

In the event that we lose other generation units, or are unable to bring back those that were out for maintenance, load shedding may be implemented earlier in the day. We will keep customers informed of the status of the power system.

Speaking in Kimberley, while drumming up support for the ANC's 108th birthday celebrations, President Cyril Ramaphosa called on South Africans to give Eskom's new chief executive, André de Ruyter, a chance to address the utility's problems.

These are the words of the President.

The load shedding that keeps coming is because of the maintenance challenges. Those are known problems, and we are addressing them.

In the end, we will need to be maintaining those power stations, so that we repair them, and put them on a better footing.

Eskom again found itself in hot water with the public, after it was reported that it had applied for 1.8 billion rand in bonuses, a claim it has denied.

These are the words of Eskom on the matter.

The MYPD4 application made by Eskom for the three-year period did not include any allocation for performance bonuses.

The application included a provision for an annual bonus for the three-year period, which is equivalent to a 13th cheque.

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