Xander To Exit 7de Laan
: 2019-09-08 16:36:15

This is the latest news from 7de Laan TV show. Theodore Jantjies, the real person behind the character of Xander Meintjies for the past 14 years, will be exiting 7de Laan pretty soon. The character of Xander, has grown through the years, and won the love and support of fans across the country, and the rest of the world.

Xander, arrived in Hillside as law graduate, fresh out of university, and ready to fulfil his ambitions of becoming a lawyer. As Neville’s youngest son, Xander has always been more reserved than his brother, Vince.

The residents of Hillside grew fond of him through his impartial and intelligent advice. He married the love of his life, Vanessa, and they went on to parent Karmen. Family secrets and shocking revelations, such as finding out he didn’t share the same father with Vince, as they were led to believe, threatened to tear the family apart.

As if that wasn’t enough, he fell in love with his brother’s wife, Bonita, and fathered a child, Daniel, with her. True to his character, Xander worked hard to mend broken relationships, and still reaps the consequences of his actions, trying to co-parent his children.

These are the words of Theodore.

“Xander has been a part of my life for 14 years, and we have shared ups and downs, tears of joy and heartaches. For more than a decade, I have had the privilege to get to know this character, and share him with all of you, in all his perfect, and often imperfect glory.

“To be a part of one of South Africa's most beloved shows, 7de Laan, has been one of the highlights of my career as an actor, and I am most grateful to Danie Odendaal and Annie Basson for the opportunity they granted me 14 years ago.

“I am grateful to the 7de Laan management, cast and crew, who have entrusted me with a wide variety of storylines that could move, inspire and motivate viewers. I am humbled by how these opportunities have challenged me as an actor. That being said, the time has finally come, for a new adventure and for me to bid farewell to 7de Laan and Xander”.

Theodore extended a special message of gratitude to his loyal fans who have loved, supported, laughed, and cried with Xander.

Viewers can expect to see Xander on screen until 14 January 2020.

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