Zoleka Mandela Pursues Bigger Breasts
: 2019-08-30 18:38:16

Zoleka Mandela, is a South African writer, activist, and the late Nelson Mandela's grand-daughter. She is a mother of 5 children, and lately, she has been in search of her ideal body. She just revealed to fans, that she wants to be shaped like the letter S when she turns to the side.

A couple of days ago, she was seen feeling herself, and flexing her body to Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing, on an Instagram post. In the post, Zoleka expressed that some women were ungrateful with the body that they had.

"They have a body that so many women pay for, but will still be so unhappy and complain".

Speaking in the third person, Zoleka referred to herself, playfully, as the housewife of North Riding, and opened up about her body adventures.

"She went to her new dressmaker, and when he measured her, her bust size was 39, her waist was 33, and her hips were size 53. She keeps going on and on about wanting her breasts to match her booty, but this is actually a whole mother of five!"

In her search, the housewife also heard that there’s a tree in Venda, which was used to make women’s breasts bigger and fuller, and wanted to go to that tree.

Zoleka then opened up about plastic surgery, and revealed that her husband and the plastic surgeon, refused to make her breast implants bigger.

"She has realised why her husband and the plastic surgeon refused to make her breast implants bigger, she’d obviously want to increase the size each time her booty grew!!!"

Zoleka explained that every time the housewife's booty grew, she would complain, because she wanted to be shaped like the letter S when she turned to the side.

Beautiful Zoleka, who wanted the sizes of her booty and breast to grow equally, is a mother of five kids, and she wanted to be shaped like the letter S when she turned to the side.

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