"Muvhango Lesley" Musina Healed
: 2019-08-28 08:51:52

Over a year after being robbed at gun-point with his four-year-old son, former Muvhango actor, Lesley Musina, has reflected on the changes the incident has had on his life. Lesley played the role of Ndalamo on Muvhango.

Lesley was held up by four gun-man at a petrol station in May last year, after stopping to buy his son a chocolate. He had his cell-phone taken, but the men fled after his son began screaming helplessly.

Reflecting on his journey to healing since then, Lesley said he had come a long way.

"There were lots of changes that I made in my life generally. I had to let go of certain things, and I became a loner. I spent a lot of time on my own, and learnt quite a lot. I think now I'm a little bit wiser, in terms of decision making. I've realised seconds literally can change your life. Always enjoy the moment that you spend with your loved ones. You should always make the most of it because you will never know what could happen next".

"Traumatic experiences will make you wiser and smarter. My son has also grown, I think he has put that behind him. I haven't heard him asking or talking about that experience. Yes it was bad experience but I took something out of it. It taught me something about life too, to really treasure life. Spend as much time as you can with them because you never know what could happen".

"I've learnt that the mind is a powerful tool. When you constantly think of bad things, chances are bad things will happen to you".

Lesley said, he is now more observant at garages at night, and practises safety measures at all times.

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