Kayise Ngqula Battles With In-laws And Baby Mamas
: 2019-08-20 09:52:54

The former presenter of Our Perfect Wedding, Kayise Ngqula, is entangled in a bitter dispute with her in-laws, and two of her late husband's baby mamas, over the assets of the late husband. The dispute was so bitter that Ngqula filed an application for a protection order against her brother-in-law, Tawanda Sibanda, at the Randburg magistrate's Court. The reasons for the protection order were that, the in-law was harassing her, and was also a danger to her life.

The late husband, Farai Sibanda, died in a car accident in June 2019, and his family took a decision, that his assets be distributed among his three children, two of whom were born from his two previous relationships. Among other decisions taken by the family, Tawanda should continue staying with Ngqula at their rented house in North Riding, a suburb of Randburg, North Johannesburg. However, Ngqula allegedly refused to honour the family's wishes, and instead opted to keep all the assets for herself. She went further to throw Tawanda out of the house.

The assets in question included furniture, clothes, and two cars, a Ford Icon, and a Mercedes-Benz E350. It was the Mercedes-Benz which was involved in the accident that killed Farai. It is also alleged, that two weeks after the burial of the late husband, Ngqula changed all the locks to their home, in order to block her brother-in-law from accessing the property. It was after this that Ngqula decided to file for a protection order, claiming that Tawanda was harassing her, and was also a danger to her life.

Ngqula has been accused by the two baby mamas of being rude to them when they enquired about the assets that were to be shared among all the kids. One of the baby mamas indicated that Ngqula threw her son’s clothes out of the house through a window. In an SMS, Ngqula told a baby mama that she must never contact her again, and if there was anything she needed from her, she should liaise with an intermediary.

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